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Arborist Services

Arborists maintain trees and woody plants to keep them healthy, aesthetic and safe. We specialize in tree services such as tree pruning and removal. Why remove hazardous trees on private property?

If branches or the trees are in danger of falling, property owners have the responsibility to remove them before someone gets hurt or property is damaged.

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Tree Removal Services

Trees can become diseased or damaged by insects, and can outlive or outgrow their designated area. We identify potentially hazardous trees and consult with property owners on the best course of action to take. A qualified tree expert should be hired for tree removal services, as this is a dangerous activity. Other reasons for removing trees include opening the skyline for sunlight and trees growing into the structure, causing damage to your home or property.

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stump removal Kelowna
stump removal Kelowna
stump removal Kelowna
stump removal Kelowna

After the tree was removed

Tree Services
Pruned tree debris is hauled away and chipped.


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Residential Tree Services
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Tree Removal
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